15th JULY - 23rd AUGUST



Seasonal fun filled multi-activity camp for children aged 4 - 12
based at The Pavilion Complex, Stormont Estate, Belfast


  • A big thank you to the organisers and leaders for another fantastic camp. My girls have loved their time at Camp Yolo over half term. It is always so well organised and so nice to hear them come home full of chat about all the fun things they have been doing. They are already looking forward to the next one!
  • Pamela Hegan
    My two daughters have just finished a fantastic week at Camp YOLO and have thoroughly enjoyed it. With very enthusiastic leaders and great facilities I would recommend it to anyone. A big thank you to all the leaders!
    Pamela Hegan
  • Grace Sayers
    Excellent camp and super staff! I'd a very happy and tired 5 year old at the end of each day! Highly recommend.
    Grace Sayers
  • Alice McClure
    This is the creme de la creme of all the clubs that I have ever used and I have used a lot!! Child focused and good value with so many different activities. The staff all are interested in the kids and what they have to say and engage with both kids and parents in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Have total confidence in leaving my kids at Camp YOLO in their care and my children love it and think it is "Awesome". Thanks we will be back!
    Alice McClure
  • Lucy McClelland
    My son has been to two camps so far and LOVED it. He can't wait for summer camp this year. "Why can't everyday be a Camp YOLO day, Mummy"
    Lucy McClelland

"I want to help at Camp YOLO for many reasons, but first and foremost, I want to help out at the camp because I like working with kids as I see myself working with children in the near future. Another reason that I would like to help at the camp is because it will help with organisational skills, as it said in the email that we would have to write a diary entry every day, so therefore it will help with organisational skills.

Moreover, this opportunity could present itself to be useful in the future, as it could be useful to put down on a job application form. Also, I would like to help at the camp because it would provide a sense of satisfaction and achievement, to use my time productively and to help give back to the community.

Finally, over the past 2 years, Camp YOLO has been like a second home to me, with kind and caring people looking over the entire organisation, so if I was even a small part of this family that is Camp YOLO, I would be over the moon."